Farm Princes, Not Frogs!

Learn to bring out the best in others by understanding the things we do that turn them into frogs without us even knowing it.

Women often do things instinctively or unknowingly that brings out the jerk in a man. Don't worry, it's something we've learned to do because our society accepts that as the way to treat a man. But, it produces the results that are opposite of what she actually wants or needs.

As well, men instinctively or unknowingly do things that bring out the worst in women.

In Alison’s Queen's Code or a PAX Workshop, we may learn what it is we do that brings out the frog instead of the prince. And, we may even apply some of what we learned and get great results.

But, we have spent our lifetime building old habits and it takes time to implement the new skills we have learned or to even recognize when to use those skills. It takes practice to catch your instinct and choose partnership instead. And, Choosing Partnership will help you do that.

We help keep this knowledge and these skills at the forefront of your mind. It may not always occur to you to say "Ouch!" or to get noble healing or to have a needs conversation. But, if you join Choosing Partnership and participate, you will be reminded to do so and it will eventually become a habit.

And, what if you use one of the tools or conversations and it doesn’t work? You can use the Library to find an answer. Or, pose a question on the forums and members will respond with ideas on what you might do differently to get the result you want – depending on your specific situation and how much information you already have.

It takes a community, and we are here for you!

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