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Ask Alison Your Questions
Monthly 30 minute video of Alison answering the top questions from the Ask Alison Forum
Alison Up Close
Every other month, a personal audio interview of Alison
Partnership 101 Videos
Videos of Alison discussing concepts to improve your partnership skills
Quarterly Man Panels
Women – pose your questions and our Man Panel will answer them in a video panel. The Man Panel is the favorite part of PAX workshops!
Semi-Annual Woman Panels
Men – pose your questions and our Woman Panel will answer them in a video.
Phenomenal Forums
Participate in incredible forums and interact with other men and women who are working toward better partnerships!
Audio & Video Archives
Library of Audios and Videos – Access content from Alison, PAX Experts, and other transformational leaders
Direct Access to Alison
"Investigate with Alison" live, monthly, hour-long call with Alison to investigate & explore various PAX topics
Office Hours with Alison
Participate on a call 6 times a year with Alison to ask her any question and get her response immediately
Interviews of PAX Experts
Audio interview of a PAX Expert every other month on a variety of topics
Forums on Advanced Topics
Delve deeper into the issues important to you such as Intimacy, Marriage, and Dating & Singles
We love to do more for you! So, periodically, we will provide audios and videos as a bonus just for you

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